Lawrence Purpuro

Our episode with Lawrence Purpuro is online. Lawrence Purpuro is the chief of staff for Congressman Dan Benishek (R-Mich.). Our conversation covered his role in the congressman’s office and Representative Benishek’s various policy positions.

ChrossTalk Episode 7: Lawrence Purpuro

One quick note, in the interview I cited Ezra Klein for the 600,000 job loss statistic in the next year under the current balanced budget amendment, while the actual statistic referred to the job loss due to an increase in interest rates on our debt. I meant to be referring to this statistic from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities which states that the predicted job loss under the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act would be 700,000. Read the Ezra Klein article here, and the CBPP statement here.
– Chip

We’d like to thank Lawrence Purpuro for talking to us, and Jim Brandell for helping set up the interview.

Read more about Congressman Benishek’s foresting legislation here.

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