Charles Krauthammer

Our interview with Charles Krauthammer is online. Charles Krauthammer is a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post and a contributor to Fox News. We covered nearly every area of policy including the 2012 elections and the upcoming Palestinian statehood vote in the United Nations.

One quick note, we’ve decoupled the Talking Points section from the interview portion of the episode and will be releasing the Talking Points tomorrow morning.

ChrossTalk Episode 8: Charles Krauthammer

We’d like to thank Charles Krauthammer for joining us.

Want to read more by Charles Krauthammer? Find his work for the Washington Post here.

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2 responses to “Charles Krauthammer

  1. Charles Krauthammer is an eloquent, cogent speaker, who can defend his position on its merits…refreshing. Great interview…looking forward to more of this caliber.

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