Bruce Gelb on the Need for American Competitiveness and an United States Information Agency

I had a chance to meet the man who was the head of the largest state in Mexico… He had decided to put a state office in New York  – not a country office, a state office. I said this guy is the smartest guy.  He’s not waiting for someone to tell him what to do. He’s got business industry in his state and I told him, “My hunch is you’re going to become president of Mexico and I just want one thing from you. Guarantee I get invited to your inauguration.

And he became president, (Vicente) Fox was his name. Fantastic guy. I got the invitation. I didn’t go unfortunately, but I got the invitation.”

-Bruce Gelb on the type of American business initiative needed today

ChrossTalk Episode 10: Bruce Gelb

Our interview with Bruce Gelb is now online. Bruce Gelb is the former Director of the United States Information Agency and Ambassador to Belgium. Currently, he is the Honorary Chairman of the Center of Security Policy and a member of the Advisory Board of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy. We discussed his time abroad and the need for a new attitude as a country toward selling.

We’d like to thank Bruce Gelb for joining us.

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