Catherine Lutz on the True Costs of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

“The answer there I think is that the government doesn’t really want to have the public involved in questioning whether or not we should go to war. They want that to be kept in their own hands and some of the public will agree with that, but many will say that they would like to have full information in order to make their opinion known.”

– Catherine Lutz on war accounting differences between her study and the official numbers.

ChrossTalk Episode 15: Catherine Lutz

Our episode with Professor Catherine Lutz is online. Catherine Lutz is the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Family Professor of Anthropology and International Studies  at Brown University’s Watson Institute of International Studies. We mostly cover her most recent work on the Costs of War project, a study designed to find the true costs of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

We’d like to thank Professor Catherine Lutz for joining us. No Ross this week for the episode as he was helping set up RhodySquash, an combo academic tutoring and squash coaching after-school program for the youth of Newport, RI.


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