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Catherine Lutz on the True Costs of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

“The answer there I think is that the government doesn’t really want to have the public involved in questioning whether or not we should go to war. They want that to be kept in their own hands and some of the public will agree with that, but many will say that they would like to have full information in order to make their opinion known.”

– Catherine Lutz on war accounting differences between her study and the official numbers.

ChrossTalk Episode 15: Catherine Lutz

Our episode with Professor Catherine Lutz is online. Catherine Lutz is the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Family Professor of Anthropology and International Studies  at Brown University’s Watson Institute of International Studies. We mostly cover her most recent work on the Costs of War project, a study designed to find the true costs of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

We’d like to thank Professor Catherine Lutz for joining us. No Ross this week for the episode as he was helping set up RhodySquash, an combo academic tutoring and squash coaching after-school program for the youth of Newport, RI.


Jake Sherman On Congress, Special Elections, and the Super Committee

“If you’re the president, you never want to lose a special election, and Democrats are very good at special elections.”

– Jake Sherman on the aftermath of last week’s special election in New York

ChrossTalk Episode 14: Jake Sherman

Our episode with Jake Sherman is online. Jake Sherman reports on Congress for Politico. We mostly cover his beat, and a look into last week’s special elections.

We’d like to thank Jake Sherman for joining us. His most recent story out yesterday discusses the GOP’s potential problems passing an omnibus spending bill.

Grover Norquist on Shrinking Government

“(The federal government) has no business explaining to the peasants that they need to be sending more money into the king because the king would like another castle. No more castles for the stinking King, and what the king needs to do is live within the means of the peasants he’s been looting.”

– Grover Norquist on the need for less taxes and government

ChrossTalk Episode 13: Grover Norquist

Our interview with the Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, is now online. We primarily discuss his organization’s taxpayer pledge which asks all candidates running for elected office to promise not to raise taxes. The full interview with Norquist is after the jump.

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Jim Tankersly on This Week’s Series of Job Speeches

“At one of these Washington dinners reporters go to every once and while… I sat next to a Hollywood agent randomly who told me, ” I think the president is overexposed. If I were running his publicity, I would be running him out there a lot less often.”

– Jim Tankersly on if the president has given too many speeches recently.

ChrossTalk Episode 12: Jim Tankersly

Our interview with Jim Tankersly is now online. Tankersly is an economics correspondent for the National Journal. Check out some his work for the Journal here.

He also recently wrote about the impact newly nominated Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, Alan Krueger, might have on the president’s economic policy.

We’d like to thank Jim Tankersly for joining us.

Talking Points: September 1, 2011

“Explain to me how the president of the United States, whose got hundreds and hundreds of advisors behind him – how many of them are responsible for scheduling, I don’t know.  How can Jay Carney go up there and say, “Oh, oops, we made a mistake. It’s just an unfortunate scheduling conflict.”

– Ross Freiman-Mendel on the president planning his jobs speech on the same day as the Republican Presidential Debate.

Please enjoy this week’s talking points.

Talking Points: September 1, 2011

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Mike Konczal on the Federal Reserve and Ways to Fix the Economy

“What the 2013 announcement by the Fed should optimally do is bind his (Bernanke’s) hands against contracting the economy too early. Think of it as Ulysses and the Sirens… Bernanke is basically tying himself to the post saying no matter what happens; no matter (what) creditors, rentiers and the top 1 percent think, I will not raise rates too early.”

– Mike Konczal on the Fed’s announcement to keep interest rates low through 2013

ChrossTalk Episode 11: Mike Konczal

Our interview with Mike Konczal is online. Konczal is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and the author of one of Time Magazine’s 25 Best Financial Blogs, Rortybomb.

He was recently on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” discussing Rick Perry’s stance on the Federal Reserve.

We’d like to thank Mike Konczal for joining us.

Talking Points: August 23, 2011

“As Scott Brown does know and knows from experience, an unknown candidate with popular enthusiastic supporters can overcome a more establishment figure who has a lead – like (Scott Brown) did in 2010.”

– Chip Lebovitz on the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race

Please enjoy this week’s talking points.

Talking Points: August 23, 2011

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