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Jake Sherman On Congress, Special Elections, and the Super Committee

“If you’re the president, you never want to lose a special election, and Democrats are very good at special elections.”

– Jake Sherman on the aftermath of last week’s special election in New York

ChrossTalk Episode 14: Jake Sherman

Our episode with Jake Sherman is online. Jake Sherman reports on Congress for Politico. We mostly cover his beat, and a look into last week’s special elections.

We’d like to thank Jake Sherman for joining us. His most recent story out yesterday discusses the GOP’s potential problems passing an omnibus spending bill.


The Talk: Ideas for Reviving the Economy

The Talk: Ideas for Reviving the Economy
September 2, 2011

Ross Freiman-Mendel: The president will deliver his much anticipated, albeit controversial, jobs speech this Thursday. What are you looking for Chip?

Chip Lebovitz: I think the speech needs to be put in context. The general consensus is there is little chance that House Republicans will pass any of his proposals, giving the president two options. Either the president pulls a Harry Truman and offers up a veritable cornucopia of 1990’s Republican ideas, and uses that to prove that the Republicans are more interested in defeating the president than governing, or he offers a big picture jobs plan couched in a long term deficit relief plan. Spending now, cuts in two years – jobs now, deficit reduction when the economy starts to recover.

Ross Freiman-Mendel: Neither will work for the president. He already hurt himself politically, with this ill-advised scheduling gaffe. Ezra Klein said it best; the speech will suggest the usual but do manifestly nothing.

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Late Afternoon Tidbits

We’re changing things up a bit this week, replacing the Talk tomorrow with predictions of Ben Bernanke’s speech and the Federal Reserve’s future plans.

Also noteworthy, I contributed to a post on Jonathan Bernstein’s blog about Congress’ pro forma session and presidential recess appointments:

Charles Lebovitz of Chross Talk finds this one. My emphasis:

“Throughout the August recess, my colleagues and I will preside over pro forma sessions in the House — preventing congressional recess and presidential recess appointments,” said Rep. Jeffrey M. Landry, a Louisiana Republican who helped organize the effort.

Ooh, that’s a nice one, isn’t it? Oh, sorry: forgot to say what this is about. I’m looking for examples of Republicans, especially House Republicans, who slip up and say that Congress is currently in a recess. After all, the Constitution doesn’t say anything about how long Congress goes without a pro forma session; what the Constitution says is that the president can make appointments “to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate.” Well, is it a recess or isn’t it? Landry seems, shall we say, confused. Nice catch!

Here’s a link to the full post and don’t forget to check out the rest of Jonathan Bernstein’s blog. He’s both insightful and prolific, contributing often to the Washington Post’s Plum Line blog and to various other publications. 
 – Chip Lebovitz